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work remotely

People love to receive recognition for the work that they do. Recognition occurs in businesses with traditional employment structures all the time (through award ceremonies or in-person managerial feedback), but not so much in those that hire remote workers. However, recognition is important and can make a big difference to how freelancers perceive a firm. If they are rewarded for all their hard work and management and other employees recognize it, then they are much more likely to put in the effort in the future. Great company cultures depend on all people in the organization taking ownership and feeling that they are personally responsible for overall outcomes.

Hiring New Candidates New platforms such as Field Engineer are making it easier for companies to hire candidates that fit their company culture not vice versa. The platform allows people to find problem solvers and independent workers who can get the job done.

The global rise of freelancers empowers businesses through a pool of unlimited talent. Sign-up for free and hire a field engineer today!

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